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Klaus's Critter Stories for Young and Old Kids

Welcome to the CRITTER SITE! Let me introduce you to a wealth of animals and critters we might meet in our lifetime.

Explore The Wonderful World Of The Critter Site

Welcome to The Critter Site, your one-stop objective for everything critters! Whether you're a carefully prepared creature sweetheart or simply beginning to find the entrancing universe of animals incredible and little, we have something for you.

A Celebration of Creatures

At The Critter Site, we're enthusiastic about pretty much everything critters. We trust that each creature, from the littlest bug to the mightiest whale, has a story to tell. Our site is a festival of these stories, where you can find out about astounding creatures, find extraordinary realities, and be engaged by heartwarming tales.

Critter Stories For Young And Old

We comprehend that the affection for critters realizes no age limit. That is the reason we offer an assortment of content that connects with both youthful and old.


Captivating Critter Articles

Jump profound into the universe of creatures with our instructive and drawing-in articles. Find out about creature conduct, territories, preservation endeavors, and more. Our articles are written in a clear and concise style, making them ideal for inquisitive personalities, everything being equal.


Critter Bedtime Stories

Cuddle up with your little ones and leave on a bedtime adventure with our assortment of inspiring critter book series. Our stories are intended to ignite youngsters' minds and support an affection for creatures.

The Critter Book Series

Looking for a longer read? Check out our Critter Book Series! These enchanting books are loaded up with delightful stories about a zoological garden of intriguing animals. Accessible in English and German, they're the ideal method for imparting the delight of critters to the entire family.

Beyond the Page

The Critter Site is something other than a site; it's a lively center for creature admirers of any age and foundation. Here, you'll find an inviting local area where your energy for animals great and small is celebrated. Whether you're a carefully prepared untamed life photographic artist with a display of staggering creature pictures or an inquisitive kid simply discovering the marvels of the regular world, there's a spot for you at The Critter Site.


Critter Spotlights

Our Critter Spotlights aren't simply an assortment of realities. We sprinkle in dazzling stories, staggering photos, and even recordings to rejuvenate these astounding creatures. You might even encounter interesting conservation efforts or discover surprising fun facts that will leave you wanting to learn more.

In this way, whether you're a deep-rooted animal lover or simply starting your critter process, Critter Spotlights offers an enrapturing window into the fantastic variety and miracle of the animal kingdom.


Critter Fun Zone

Looking for some critter-themed fun? Check out our Critter Fun Zone! Here you'll track down various exercises and games for youngsters, all things considered, including shading pages, tests, and word look.

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animal stories by Klaus - THE CRITTER SITE

The Critter Blog

Keep up-to-date on the most recent creature news and stories with our Critter Blog. We consistently distribute articles about revelations, preservation endeavors, and other creature-related themes.

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We welcome you to join The Critter Site community and investigate the superb universe of creatures with us. Here are far to reach out.

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Contribute Your Stories

We love hearing from our pursuers! On the off chance that you have a tale about a unique critter in your life, we urge you to impart it to us.

Get in Touch - Book Sale (English  or German)


A book for the whole family: 'CRITTER STORIES' Anecdotes about animals I have met in a lifetime ... in appreciation of life and all critters on this planet ... I hope this book amuses you and perhaps gives you some food for thought. It is now available on Amazon as eBook & Paperback.

(The title: 'To all the critters I loved before' is no longer available.)

Das Buch ist jetzt auch auf deutsch mit dem Titel: VIECHER - EIN BAJUWARISCHES HOME COMING bei erhältlich.

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